One Stop Solution

Sophisticated termly reporting of Progress & attainment

Identifying patterns of attendance daily, weekly or as required.

Immediate notifications of exclusions

PEP for Success

Information Management System

Advanced Analytics

Key benefits

All of your Virtual School Data in one place.

Tailored to your needs

Designed by Virtual Schools

Bring your data to life with ASSET

Ofsted ready reporting

Secure digital platform

No more Spreadsheets!

The Way Forward For Schools


ASSET for schools is an award-winning, secure, evidence-based cloud software.

Track Progress

Our software enables you to calculate and track your current school and pupils progress and attainment.


The reports support self-review which is a key requirement for Ofsted and best practice for school improvement.

Saving Time & Money

We are passionate about supporting you in saving time, money and improving the future of pupils.

Latest Technology

We are using the latest technologies and leading-edge methodologies to provide schools with innovative and in-depth reports.


We are passionate about supporting schools to identify strengths, weaknesses and progress.

PEP for Success (P4S) key features:

Easy to navigate, quick to learn

Tailored to your individual requirements

Built in QA System

Bespoke Notification System

PP+ Analysis and reporting

Allows multiple users DT, SW, IRO and other nominated user

Bespoke annual reporting

The Benefits of ASSET


We save you time by providing you with a flexible and easy-to-use integration with just a few clicks using SIMS and other MIS.


We care about the pupils and understand that their education can dictate their future.


ASSET is affordable. We understand the budget restraints schools can face and feel that every school should benefit from our software.


You can easily produce unlimited reports.